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Prices fluctuate. When moving coast to coast, you need to pay the going rate to the truck to have your vehicle transported successfully with an A rated company. When we set price quotes, they are all inclusive with the truck fee, taxes, tolls and insurance included. We have a zero down policy which translates to pay nothing until after pickup. Website is http://www.PDQAUTOMOVERS.com and our phone lines are open 7 days a week until 11pm EST.


Welcome Back, Snowbirds!

It’s the SNOWBIRD season. Time to head South for that beautiful weather! Wish I was… We are here to service your shipping needs every day, all day. 8am till 11pm EST. Call. Call with your questions. Call with your needs. Call with your dates. PDQ Auto Movers will coordinate your transport to coincide with your flights. One way or round trip, no hassles! 888-737-3211 We ship cars, trucks, suv’s, RV’s, boats, vans. Thank you for your business, to our old customers and anew!  We still have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau and we never, ever charge a deposit!  www.PDQAUTOMOVERS.com


When a party places a quote request at a website, five to ten, and maybe more, different companies will contact them with price quotes to ship their vehicles.  Prices range from very low to high.  This is in direct response to the competitiveness of the industry.  Every company is vying for the business of the consumer.  Unfortunately, not every company is worthy of a contract!

First off, review each company’s ratings with the Better Business Bureau.  Next, visit Transport Reviews for consumer based ratings.  Checking these two resources should give you a basis of what type of company you are dealing with.  Weed out anything lower than “A” rated at the BBB and anything less than 5 Stars at Transport Reviews.  Now you will be left with the contenders.

Prices will vary.  The lowest prices are derived to get your business, immediately, with a deposit.  A deposit is made before any services have been performed.  NEVER pay any money upfront, not even $1.  The lowest prices put you on a waiting list, for extra space on a truck.  Rarely have we seen the cheapest price get a vehicle moved, not in a timely manner and some times not at all.  It is a waste of time and energy and just false hopes all around.

Highest prices are designed to make the consumer think they are getting a better company or the best service.  They are overpriced and not necessary in order to move your auto.  You pay more for the service and the brokerage pockets a large portion of the total cost.

Stick to the middle!  You are looking for a decent company with fair and honest prices.  Zero down, a reasonable price, good ratings, long business hours and pleasant personnel are the things you seek in an auto transport company.  They should be forthcoming in all aspects, taking the time to explain the industry and arm you with all the information you will need to make a good decision based on the facts.

At PDQ Auto Movers, we are just that… the middle ground with the highest integrity.  No false hopes.  No broken guarantees.  Included in every order is door to door shipping and full insurance coverage.  Zero down, meaning no deposits.  You pay only after your vehicle has been loaded on to a truck and headed towards its destination.  We are fair in our pricing.  We are “A” rated with the Better Business Bureau and have 5 Stars at the Transport Reviews website from our customers.  We are open 7 days a week from 8 in the morning until 11 at night, Eastern Standard Time.  We explain the procedure in terms you can understand and answer all questions, so you will be enlightened and knowledgeable about the industry.

Good luck in your journey!  Call us when you are confused or if you have been taken advantage of by a lowly company.  We’re always here to help!

How much thought do you put into your auto shipping?

Aren’t all auto shippers the same?

The short answer is NO. Auto shipping companies vary from very reputable to legalized scam artists. They may be any size from a 1 person operation to employing hundreds. 

Why should i pay more for the same service?

Auto shipping is much like anything else in this world, you will get what you pay for. I like to compare it to getting your oil changed. If you don’t mind waiting all day at a chain store you can get a low price, but they will always try to up sell you( wipers, transmission fluid change, air filters, etc.). You go with the new guy and you are not sure he will be there if something goes wrong. You go to the dealer it cost twice the price and you are there all day. I like to use the local guy. He has been there a while and is established. I feel confident that I am getting what I pay for. And he has a reputation to protect.

When you transfer this to car shipping it helps to know what you are getting for your money. Large companies that employ many, pay their sales staff on commission. The more they sell you the more they make. Not a lot of personal investment in your shipping. If something goes wrong or you are not satisfied  it is unlikely to affect their paycheck. And they may not be there when you need them, Turn over is high in sales jobs. 

The new guy maybe out to make himself a name or make himself a fast buck. It is a gamble. Many bad companies close their doors every year only to open anew with a new name and the same old scams.

A one man operation also falls into the gamble category. What happens if he gets sick? Exactly how many hours can 1 man work a week? Will you be able to reach him if needed?

Leaving you with the smaller company that may have a few employees, but is always watching out for their reputation. You will find them more responsive to your needs. Their employees are personally invested and they don’t have the high turnover rate.

Why do their prices differ so much?

After many years in business I am still amazed when I get the call from a customer saying they have a price quote a lot less than ours. We are all brokers. Even the largest company out there does not have enough trucks to cover all the routes in the US, not including the off route shipments. Your vehicle will be placed on the same load board but at a less than desirable rate. And the broker will still make his commission usually at the cost of your time and money.

  If their are 30 cars waiting to be moved and 25 of them are paying $100 – $200 more than yours whose vehicle will a reputable truck driver choose. This leaves you with the drivers who are consistently late or damage vehicles and can not get a load from reputable brokers. It is your car and your choice. Know how much the broker is making and know what is going to the truck. Ask what the average shipping price is on the load board and what other cars have shipped for on this route. It should only take a few extra minutes for him to look this info up on the load board. If need be you may call us and we would be happy to disclose this info for you as well as what price they posted your vehicle at. 

Why am I getting so many phone calls?

If you went on line and filled out a form to get multiple price quotes on your auto shipping they will sell this info to us brokers. Brokers pay anywhere from $0.75 to $8 a lead depending on how many other brokers are getting your info. The more quotes you are promised the more calls you will get the cheaper your info is.

How do I know who is telling me the truth and who is just trying to sell me?

Salesman are all about the sale. They push to close the deal as quickly as possible. Their contracts will always have a cancellation fee even if you try to cancel 20 minutes after signing. They always seem to use the lines of we have a truck that is or will be in your area at the same time you are looking to move. They will always refer to trucks in a possessive manner as if it was owned buy their company. Some will bad mouth other companies. Others will price match any quote as long as you pay their fee up front. Most will want to be paid before they do any work to get your vehicle moved.

How do i protect myself from being scammed?

Be willing to do your due diligence. Check the companies out on transportreviews.com  and BBB.org. Call the companies back and see how long it takes to get hold of some one during off hours. Remember that most carriers are picking up on your schedule, so they work more evenings than 9-5. READ YOUR CONTRACT!!! Reading your contract is one of the most important things you need to do. Know what their cancellation policy is. Know when they expect to be paid (on dispatch of a truck, On signing of contract, on loading of vehicle). Know who is getting paid what in how they expect payment( cash, cashiers check, credit card).



Shipping Your Classic Car or Any Motorcycle-Enclosed Auto Transport

When shipping a classic car or motorcycle there will be a few things you may want to take in account when considering your shipping method. For most vehicles an open transport is fine. The vehicle will be fully covered by insurance and arrives for the most part only needing to be washed. A good detail job still comes to less money than the price difference of shipping enclosed. In the case of classics and motorcycles this is not always true.

When transporting a classic vehicle you need to have a good idea of the value of the vehicle.  When shipping on a open carrier insurance limits are set to blue book values. If your classic has a retail market price higher than that of the blue book value the insurance will always pay the lesser. This is not true for enclosed carriers. Their insurance will cover all vehicles and will pay out claims based on a fair market value. As a classic car owner myself I know the blue book value of my vehicle to be not much more than the scrap weight of the steel.  While my fair market price will cover what i can expect to get for the vehicle if I were to sell it. Unfortunately still less than i have into it but still much better than the scrap weight.When shipping a classic vehicle that you have just bought, this will get you your money back for your purchase.

When shipping a motorcycle you must take into account that open carriers are, for the most part designed for transporting cars and trucks. Vehicles with four wheels. They will have two runners the entire length of the trailer with a space in the middle. Balancing a motorcycle on one of these runners can be quite a challenge. Usually open carriers who do transport motorcycles will either bring some plywood to make a platform or have a trailer that has a full deck.But they will also run into problems with getting the bike secured for transport. Enclosed carriers on the other hand are much better suited for this transport.  They have a loading ramp. , allowing for easy loading of the bike as well as maximum securing of the motorcycle. Another great point to take into consideration will be that enclosed carriers blanket their vehicles to protect them from any scratches from tie downs or shifting during transport.

Though enclosed auto transport may cost as much as twice the open shipping price, in cases of classics and motorcycles it will be your best bet. These vehicles may not be our everyday drivers but do have more value to us than what any insurance company will say they are worth. Enclosed auto transporters are well aware of this and will spend that extra time to make sure the vehicles arrive in the same condition as they were picked up.  At PDQ Auto Movers these vehicles hold a special place in our hearts and we love talking with their owners.

Though I, myself am a big Mopar fan, I still have great respect for all who under take the challenge of keeping our past alive with these beautiful vehicles. I know that maintaining and restoring these vehicles takes  up a good part of our free time but it is also a labor of love. And as always feel free to call us with any questions you may have. We Are Not Sales People We Are Auto Shippers. We will answer all your questions without the sales hype, and in many cases have advised clients to work with there existing brokers.


8am til 8pm est

Auto Transport for Snowbirds

It’s almost the season again.  Snowbirds start shipping North starting in March.  Time to return to the coop to plant the gardens!  Fun in the sun ends but the beautiful Spring begins!

When shipping your car, make sure to choose a professional company.  Make sure you can reach them by phone and email.  Check the ratings at the Better Business Bureau (we have an A rating at the BBB).  Also check Transport Review’s website (we have 5 stars there).

Price is all important.  Be leery of companies that will price lower than other quotes you receive.  Choose the middle ones.  Too low a price will not move your vehicle in a timely manner.  It will be stressful.  Here at PDQ Auto Movers, we make sure we get the price right.   Our service depends upon correct quotes, upfront, the first time.  Our prices are all inclusive, with no hidden fees.

Services provided on each and every trip are door to door, full insurance coverage bumper to bumper (liability and cargo), same truck the entire trip.  We will coordinate your desired dates and make sure your car does not arrive at the destination before you do!

Snowbirds should be paying the same price North as they did going South the previous trip.  Please practice due diligence when choosing a company to ship your auto!

Reach us 7 days a week from 8am till 8pm, though we will take calls until  11pm, Eastern Standard Time.  888-PDQ-3211  Now that’s customer service!